The Knotted Stone Online Jewelry Boutique Is Open!

The Knotted Stone bracelets

Every day is a quest to create a little bit of sparkle, weave lasting connections, and treasure bright moments. In this bright moment, you have arrived—and we’re so glad you’re here! Welcome to the online boutique for The Knotted Stone jewelry.

The Knotted Stone founders Kathleen and Jen
Jen and Kathleen at work in The Knotted Stone studio.

Here you’ll find hand-knotted bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry pieces fashioned from natural materials—no plastics here. Each piece is conceived, designed, and then handmade by The Knotted Stone’s founders, Kathleen Schulte and Jen Gerkin.

The two of us have created macramé jewelry together for a little over a year. It started as something rather therapeutic, a time for two best friends to relax, share a glass of wine or two, and make beautiful things. When people started asking us where we’d gotten our one-of-a-kind bracelets and pendants, we realized our little hobby had bloomed into a passion project that insisted on being shared with others.

Our home in Sarasota, Florida, exposes us to enormous daily doses of natural beauty that organically infuse our designs. For our 11 first-generation collections, we’ve borrowed several names from some of our favorite local spots to step away from the “hustle and bustle,” tune into nature, and reconnect with what really matters to us. In the different combinations of fiber and stone, you’ll glimpse shimmering ocean waters and vivid sunsets, a moment of bliss from taking time to breathe.

In our transformation from hobby to enterprise, The Knotted Stone’s design evolution has taken many twists and turns, and it continues to flow with an ever-changing flux of styles and tastes. That’s exactly what we want our designs to do: Go with your flow. Whether you’re lighting up an evening on the town or glowing at your morning workout, we make pieces that keep up with your pace. Our jewelry is made for every fit, and our dream for each creation is that it becomes truly part of its wearer. The greatest compliment of all is to hear that one of our bracelets never goes back in the jewelry box.

The Knotted Stone braceletsHere at our online boutique, you can shop our collections, mix and match color combinations—and a whole lot more. If you thirst for knowledge about handmade fashions and jewelry trends, The Knotted Stone blog is here to quench you with bi-weekly articles on all things knotty and lovely. We’ll talk about what inspires our evolving designs, give you a peek into how our pieces made, and offer tips on how to wear The Knotted Stone throughout each season. Interested in custom work? We love custom designs! If you have a special stone or keepsake that you’d like to turn into wearable art, drop us a line. We’ll work with your vision to design and create a special piece of jewelry that’s all yours.

We hope you’ll love exploring our collections as much as we have loved tying each knot. Here’s to your daily quest to add a little sparkle to life, and connect with beauty and grace. The Knotted Stone is excited to join you!

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