Make The Holidays Sparkle With Our Gift Guide

Thank goodness for the holidays, when we receive collective permission to turn from the daily grind and look toward what is good and beautiful in our lives and the world. This time of year, we get to adorn ourselves, our homes, and every conceivable nook and cranny of our public spaces with glittery, tinsel and things that sparkle. Finally, we have an excuse to pull out that sweater with the tinsel or don that bold, shimmery, sequined blouse for the neighbor’s Christmas party.

Is all this sparkle just for fun? We like to think that these bright bursts of light remind us to smile, celebrate, and seek the light both within and without so we can shine all year long–for life is here to be enjoyed.


Here at the Knotted Stone, we’ve been hard at work to create some wonderful jewelry that can capture this special quality of the season, to arm you with some new gear and, even better, some holiday jewelry gift ideas to share the love and bring a bit Christmas bling to anyone on your list.

Part of our greatest inspiration is the beauty and revitalizing energy of the sea, which we’re so blessed to be able to enjoy year-round here on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Capturing that wild energy is our signature Bungalow bracelet, trimmed with gold for the glitter of Christmas and firmly locked in a natural macrame band, perfect to complement your holiday party ensemble.


The gentle, tiny gleam of the beads in the Jetty bracelet is another of our favorites. Perfect as holiday gear or for gifting, these 4 woven strands of micro cotton cord are decorated with silvery beads like a snow-covered tree branch. One or two would make a great statement at the office party, or a sweet gift for a niece, sister or loved one. Choose from a variety of muted colored bands to best suit your or your gift recipient’s winter wardrobe, or mix and match.



Our Captiva bracelet is a great piece for a distinctly beach-y look, with multiple strands interlocked and threaded with glimmering beads, securely knotted and cascading around the wrist like bright shells strung through a mermaid’s hair. Whoever heard of a Christmas mermaid, you ask? We say, why not!?

We hope these lovely creations and holiday jewelry gift ideas inspire the joy of the holidays with their sparkle, woven with love and friendship. That is the reason we share them with you.

As family, friends, and office-mates gather to eat, drink and be merry, let these little glints of handmade beauty mirror the glint in your eye as you enjoy this special time of the year, and share the joy with all you meet.