Reflections on Valentine’s Day – The Simple, Natural, Knotted Way

What do you feel when Valentine’s Day begins to loom large on your horizon? Excitement? Dread? Worry?

Many may remember how simple this day used to be. Mom or Dad would help you pick out the cheap box of small paper valentines, printed with popular cartoon characters clutching sappy pink or red hearts, and you’d hand address each one to all of your classmates. Everyone knew the drill at school on V-Day: cards were exchanged, and maybe, just maybe, you’d get lucky and get an extra-special card, or a second-tier gift from a little girl or boy who harbored a sweet grade-school crush on you. Beyond that “maybe,” things were pretty easy!

Then came the teenage years and, alas, adulthood. More often than not, we now approach this day with a kind of complicated dread. Will s/he get me something nice? Will s/he remember? Or, on the other end: What do I need to get her/him? Gone are the days of your basic tiny card.

These days, around mid-January, when the stores begin stocking that special aisle to the brim with iridescent giant chocolate boxes, pink spotted teddy bears, and other commercially touted V-Day tokens of love, this day is no longer a time of innocent, sweet giving, but too often one of fearfully raised expectations, daunting plights of decision, and begrudged obligation.

What if we could reclaim the sweetness, the simplicity that this day was perhaps first meant to be?

In ancient, pre-Roman days, the festival we now know as St. Valentine’s Day was once called Lupercalia (“Wolf Festival”) and was celebrated in honor of Lupa, the legendary female wolf on whom Romulus and Remus suckled when they were abandoned as infants. Lupercalia signaled the onset of Spring, and it was meant to signify the purification of new life in this season of abundance and fresh beauty.

Rather than a rite of obligation, we like to think of St. Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to go back to what is truly special about the relationships in our life–not only the romantic ones, but any relationship that has created something new that wasn’t there before. These friendships, romances, and family ties are what keep our own lives fresh and growing, especially when we honor and celebrate them with sincerity and consistency.

It is with this spirit that we make our jewelry, and we like to think that this sense of appreciation and connection is woven throughout each piece. Indeed, if it weren’t for our friendship and our desire to spend time with each other, none of these lovely creations would have ever come to be!

We also believe that the greatest teacher about life and love is the natural world. Much like Romulus and Remus were saved by a wild thing, we have always been drawn to the natural–and sometime wild–beauty of Sarasota, and have created our jewelry based on that inspiration.

Finally, like love of any form, The Knotted Stone jewelry is designed to get better the longer you wear it. Whether going about your day-to-day or frolicking in the waves at play, these bracelets will stay snug and strong, like a well-woven friendship or romance.

We invite you to redefine Valentine’s Day by choosing these natural, simple-yet-intricate, handmade pieces to communicate something deeper than your typical go-to commercial gift. In all things, it is the heart that is important. Let us share ours with you through these timeless creations that are certain to touch your loved one’s heart.