Aquamarine: March’s Stone of the Month

Living on Florida’s Gulf Coast might make us the envy of many northerners, but it’s not just because of our lovely winter weather. The calm, blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico beckon to those searching for tranquility and serenity, so it’s all too fitting that our backyard is intrinsically linked to this month’s birthstone, Aquamarine.

In Latin, aqua marina literally means “water of the sea,” and we can clearly see from its beautiful blue hues how the name came to represent this stone. Aquamarine can be found in a number of shades, from the almost colorless pale blue (seemingly the most popular) to an intense bright blue (the most valued), all based on the amount of iron found in it. The first documented discovery of aquamarine was in Siberia in the early 1700’s, and it has since been mined all over the world. At this time, most aquamarine stones are mined in Brazil.

Facts about Aquamarine

While most aquamarine gemstones are found in Central and South America, as well as Africa and the Middle East, there are a handful of locations in North America. However, they are mostly centralized in Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho – far removed from the ocean waters they resemble.

Ancient legend has it that aquamarine gems came from the treasure chest of mermaids, and sailors used the stones as talismans to protect against raging storms and sea monsters.

Aquamarine is often given as a token of love, symbolizing an eternal love and commitment “as long as the waters of the Earth flow.”

Dom Pedro

One of the most famous stones is the Dom Pedro, an almost 5 pound cut gem now housed in the Smithsonian. It was cut from the largest aquamarine ever mined, which was found in Brazil and weighed over 240 pounds.

Aquamarine seems to be a favorite of royalty, as it has been well documented through the ages. More recently, both Queen Elizabeth and the late Princess Diana have worn aquamarine-adorned jewelry.

Uses of the stone


Outside of wearing the gorgeous gemstone as an adornment, aquamarine has a number of uses in health and wellness as well. It is widely used for meditation and revelation, cleansing and letting go of the ties that bind. Some say the stone can act as an internal mirror for those of us looking for meaning in our reality as it echoes itself indefinitely. Due to its connection to the throat chakra, it can aid in communication by helping to overcome a fear of speaking, or opening up the consciousness so that you can articulate truth with clarity. In regards to spiritual energy, the aquamarine gemstone signifies empowerment to all genders: for men, it empowers them to express their emotions, while for women it assists in asserting their knowledge and perception.

Aquamarine is the perfect gem whether you are looking for a fresh start or want to give a token of love and commitment, especially with the Gulf calling out for you to jump in!