How To Wear Knotted Stone Jewelry

By layering, balancing, choosing a bold statement piece, and keeping it simple, you can accessorize with The Knotted Stone jewelry for all occasions.

Some say that putting together the perfect outfit can lead to a feeling of harmony, but we at The Knotted Stone know that serenity can be found once you properly accessorize that perfect outfit! As we have often said, our jewelry only gets better with a little time and saltwater, so the more you wear it, the more serene you will feel. However, some are still unsure how to best wear our jewelry.

Like with any fashion choice, personal style is truly personal. There really are no hard and fast rules to wearing jewelry, especially in today’s ever-changing world. And while that might be the case, we still want to offer a few tips to make sure you make a splash with your accessories.

Layering. While each piece of our jewelry is beautiful enough to stand on its own, our pieces are made to be layered. We offer bracelets in all sizes, and by pairing up single and chunky layers, you can weave your own design to the finished look. Not only can you combine thicknesses, but also colors in order to showcase your vibrant outlook on life. For instance, try mixing various strands of our Jetty bracelet with our more complex Sanibel or the bold Laguna.

Statement piece. You know you have that one amazing piece that needs no assistance, but maybe you don’t feel complete until a few smaller pieces are added. These are the times where you want to make a statement, and so you wear that one amazing focal piece and add just a few smaller baubles to perfect the look. For example, our Bungalow bracelet has that something extra which needs no introduction, but by pairing a few Jetty bracelets on the other arm and simplistic earrings, you are all set.

Balance. Striking a balance is the goal, so be sure to not overdo any one aspect. What this means is that while you might wear a statement piece, it should never outdo the overall look. And don’t forget about your neckline and fingers – balance is key and they should not be left bare.

Coco Chanel was famous for her style as well as her quote, “Once you’ve dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.” This leads us to our next tip, which is to keep it simple. Don’t wear everything all at once – make sure that the accessories compliment the look.

The Knotted Stone offers beautiful and elegant jewelry that can be used in a variety of ways – be sure to spend some time on our online shop to complete your look today.