Sapphire: April’s Stone of the Month

The gorgeous blue of Sapphire has such a long, mesmerizing history that it is considered the birth stone for both April and September, and our April Stone of the Month. A prized gemstone since 800BC, ancient Persians once thought the sky was blue because it was reflected by blue Sapphire stones. A beautiful thought to be sure, but we now know that to not be the case. Still, the Sapphire has inspired poets and artists for generations, and its use in everyday jewelry has never been out of style. There are some interesting facts that you might not know, so today we will indulge our passion for jewelry by learning more about this fantastic gemstone.

One thing many people don’t realize is that a sapphire can actually come in many different colors. While the blue Sapphire is the most popular and widely seen, its colors range from orange to violet to black, as well as one that actually changes color depending on the light. In older times, different colored Sapphires were referred to by their color with the word “oriental” as a prefix. For example, what were once called “oriental emeralds” are now known as green Sapphires – this suggests a shift in societal norms when referencing cultures rather than the actual location of where they were found.

The Sapphire also can display asterism, making the gem look as though they are star studded with tiny needles. These are called Star Sapphires, and can be highly valued.

Sapphires are one of the most durable gems, coming in second only to diamonds, also considered a birthstone for April. However, you shouldn’t expect it to be unbreakable; Sapphires can chip and crack if not handled properly.

There are many locations around the world where Sapphires are mined: the United States, Africa, India, Australia, and China are just a few places with large resources. However, most blue Sapphires come from Burma and Kashmir, with Sri Lanka coming in a close third.

As for mystical powers and ancient folklore, we shouldn’t be surprised that there is much to learn. As with all gemstones, there are specific traits associated with the Sapphire that make it a unique stone. For centuries, it has been considered a symbol of the heavens and guardian of innocents. Not only that, but it is considered a talisman to ward off illness and protect against sorcery. Kings would wear Sapphires to protect against harm, and travelers would carry them to ensure luck with their travels.

Many used Sapphires to promote health and increase faith, as it was thought to promote mental precision and to find inner peace. On a physical level, Sapphires are thought to help eyesight and to treat fevers, boils, and ulcers when mixed with appropriate ingredients.

While there are many blue gemstones, and many color options for a Sapphire, the blue Sapphire is the most popular and most likely to be worn on a daily basis. Add this stunning blue hue to your jewelry box today by checking out our online store.